Two Situations in Which You Should Hire a Luxury Interior Design Expert

Here are two situations in which you might need to use the services of a luxury interior design specialist.

Your income has increased a lot and you'd like to redesign your house interior

If you've always decorated your house with furniture, furnishings and ornaments that are cheap and cheerful simply because that's what you could afford and you're now in a financial position that could enable you to create a much more luxurious house interior, you should contact someone who is an expert in this type of interior design work.

If you don't have any experience with creating a luxurious aesthetic and have never bought any decorative items from high-end companies, you could make some mistakes if you try to accomplish this aim without help. With access to more money than you're used to and with very little knowledge about luxury interior design, you could, for example, go overboard and buy far too many over-the-top designer ornaments and soft furnishings (like huge solid-gold flower vases and diamond-encrusted coasters) that clash and make your house interior look ostentatious and gaudy, rather than chic and beautiful. This would leave you with a home that doesn't align with your tastes.

Conversely, if you consult with a luxury interior designer, they can show you how to introduce a luxurious look into your home in a way that is tasteful, suits your decorative preferences and won't result in you wasting money. For example, rather than buying solid-gold vases, they might advise you to opt for lead crystal ones. These would still look luxurious but wouldn't have that overtly expensive appearance that can sometimes look tacky.

You have a house you want to rent out as a luxury property

If you own a house that you'd like to rent out and you will be marketing it as a luxury property, then you must ensure that this house's interior is typical of that found in a luxury home. However, if it's a rental property and your goal is to ensure it generates a good profit, then you might not want to overspend when decorating its interior.

This is where a luxury interior designer could be very helpful. They could help you to find a modest number of high-quality, luxurious decorations, wallpapers and window dressings that will give the interior a luxurious aesthetic that will attract potential tenants who want to live in luxury homes (and who can afford to pay for them). They can show you which types of luxury décor will have the greatest effect on the interior and will ensure you don't throw money away on expensive items that potential tenants won't recognise as being luxury goods.

For example, this expert might recommend that you don't bother buying real silver hardware for the kitchen cabinets, as most tenants won't be able to tell the difference between these and some less expensive, but well-made stainless-steel hardware. They might, however, advise you to buy a marble-top dining table, a beautiful chandelier and an ornate mantle mirror, as these are the types of features that tenants will notice and appreciate.

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